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Game of Thrones – Curiosities of Season 5

Game of Thrones (season 5)

Having finished the fifth season of this fantastic series, let’s see some more curiosities! (see curiosities of season 4)

Still, in this article, I’m going to leave some curious questions in the air regarding the future of this series, in its next season…

The two dragons chained by Daenerys: Viserion and Rhaegal

game of thronesYes, missy Daenerys! “Zaldrizes Buzdari Iksos Daor” – A dragon is not a slave. Well, these words are more meaningful in the context when Daenerys “offered” her dragon Drogon in exchange of the huge army of slaves, the “Unsullied” (3rd season), but we know what were her true intentions. However, putting dragons in chains can be a synonym for enslaving. And the fact that Daenerys have chained her two dragons – Viserion and Rhaegal – in the dungeons (4th season) was not a good idea at all. At that time they were still “little dragons”, but now they grew up and they are mad by being chained! They almost ate their “mother” and they tried to attack her with an enormous fury.

game of thronesBut their “mother” does not give up on them, and even feed them with a unfortunate guy from Meereen. But it doesn’t look like it shall be enough to calm down these “babies”. And now? What can she do with them? If she releases them, I believe those guys will get out from there even more wild than their brother, Drogon, and will launch chaos in the neighbourhood.

I’m curious to know what will be the destiny of these two “little pets” in the sixth season… Will she find some magic formula to tame them? Hum… I don’t think so. But let’s see what is going to happen..

The marriage proposal for Sansa Stark

game of thronesSansa Stark… Does the name Sansa comes from the Portuguese word “sonsa” (which means sly)? Well, in the first seasons she was very naive and silly. But it seems that life has been teaching her somethings, specially after all she went through in the hands of the retarded of Joffrey. We even watched her becoming sly over the last seasons. But, to the point to accept a marriage proposal to wed with Ramsay Bolton? Even she did learn something about life, she falls in the Littlefinger’s trap? Let’s see, she knows that the Boltons betrayed her family and she ends up to accept to marry the son of the one who killed her brother?

It’s curious… After all, it seems that she’s still silly! She might have lost some naivety and even learned how to simulate it, but she didn’t get rid from stupidity! She already had the experience of being married with a “monster” (Joffrey) and now she is at risk to become married with another monster… Well, we will see how things will “end” for her in the last episode of this season.

Cersei Lannister and the High Sparrow

game of thronesThe game of interests of Cersei Lannister is also something curious. Now she seeks to ally with some strange guys who follow that High Sparrow. Religious fanatics who invaded the “house of pleasures” of Littlefinger and maltreated the High Cepton, the representative of the gods in their world. Now, Cersei thinks that it can be a good idea to “pamper” that High Sparrow giving him the representation of the seven gods and powers to create an army in the service of the gods and for himself.

It might seems to be an intelligent move, but also dangerous. But in the end we know what’s her intention… She wants to revenge from her daughter in law, starting with the capture of the brother of her daughter in law and by taking advantage of the naivety of her son, the “king” Tommen. But as people use to say: “The spell turns against the sorcerer”…

Oh, yes it is… And we will see that she will surely regret from this “alliance”!

“You know nothing Jon Snow”

game of thronesBeyond the curious, stands the mysterious… The enigmatic Melisandre, follower of that “Lord of the Light”, after trying to tempt Jon Snow and heard him say he already loved another woman, when she is leaving his room she says: “You know nothing Jon Snow”. But from where did we already heard these words? Ah! From Ygritte, the woman that Jon loved. She said that several times and the last time was when she died in Jon’s arms. It’s curious and mysterious, now Melisandre tells him the same words! Coincidence or, in fact, some mysterious powers that allowed that those words, from Jon’s dead lover, were revealed to her.

But here it stays a curiosity and a mystery… Does Melisandre has something to do with Ygritte? Does Ygritte had also some connection to the red priestesses? Who knows… Let’s see if the next season will bring some “light” about this mystery, although we know what is reserved to Jon Snow at the end of this season…

Olympic Swimmers!

game of thronesLet’s contextualize things first! Jorah “kidnaps” Tyrion in the hope that, by delivering him to Daenerys, she will forgive him. He then takes Tyrion by the Smoking Sea and they pass by Valyria, where they are attacked by the stone men. Tyrion falls into the sea with his hands tied but it seems that Jorah managed to save him and they reach a shore… But pretty far from Valyria.

The curious thing is to try to understand how did Jorah manage to swim that far and taking with him the poor Tyrion, with his hands tied! Did they already practice Olympic swimming by that time?

And, by the way… Jorah, lying to Tyrion, was touched by one of those dangerous creatures and got a mark in his arm. We know that such thing is fatal. Although the little Shireen Baratheon was saved from this same threat, what will happen to Jorah?

Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen

game of thronesWithout any doubt, Tyrion is an incredible character in the novel of Game of Thrones. Being a dwarf he has no abilities to be a warrior, but even so he ends up by being a warrior but using his words as his weapon. Intelligent and insightful, he manages to keep safe even in hard situations.

The curious, and even odd, is to see how Daenerys ends up to accept an element of a family responsible by the death of her own familiars, as her adviser. But that’s Tyrion and his skills to captivate people with his sly words.

And so, there he is! Tyrion advising Daenerys! Let’s see what can he be able to do, for the good of the realm, in the next season…

Drogon attacks!

game of thronesWithout doubts, another great scene! When everything seems to be lost to Daenerys, lo and behold her dragon Drogo appears from the skies to protect her “mother” and attacking the bad guys, the “Sons of the Harpy”.

But what is curious for me is why didn’t the dragon launch a more deadly strike from the air? If instead of landing, and becoming an easy target for the enemy spears, the dragon has executed an air strike, didn’t he scorched all the bad guys in a safest way? And avoiding being wounded?

Okay… He is just a dragon that followed his instinct to save Daenerys and he is not a master in combat strategy. Besides, there was the intention to feed the expectation of what will happen next, after Daenerys has mounted her dragon, who takes her to somewhere far away.

Well, we will know to where the dragon took her still in this season… But what is going to happen next, is mystery! And so we have to wait for the next season to find out what is going to happen…

Myrcella’s death

game of thronesApart of being another question of one more derivation from the original story, Myrcella’s death sounds mysterious… Let’s see… It seems Ellaria Sand is eager to avenge the death of her husband by killing Myrecella. Apparently, she puts one of those powerful poisons, typically used by the Sands, but with a delayed effect, in its own lipstick (And by the way, they already had lipsticks at that time? Another curiosity…) and gives a kiss on Myrcella’s lips. Later, Myrcella dies poisoned, while Ellaria takes an antidote. The question is, how did Myrcella got poisoned with just a kiss in her lips? Okay, the poison passed during the kiss, but after all, is she lesbian and licked her lips after the kiss? (Okay… I’m really being malicious here…)

But regarding the original tale, we have here another discrepancy between the books and the TV series… Why the hell did the authors of the series decide to add all these scenes around Myrcella? We know from the books that she never was in danger, that Jaime Lannister never went to Dorne and that Myrcella stayed there, happy with her beloved Trystane Martell. What a hell! I’d like that someone sate me from this curiosity and explain me the reason of all these extra scenes…

And that’s enough by now… In the meantime, there are other curious developments that only the next season could explain…

Until then, soon I will write about those curiosities that will be on hold until the awaited sixth season comes.

And as usual, if you have any curiosity to share with us,  just write it down in the comments below! 

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