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The Nephilim

It has been circulating on the Internet a very complex and controversial theory. It is called theory of the Ancient Astronauts. This theory is based on the idea that extraterrestrials visited Earth ...

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The mythical Gods III

After all, what is relatively consensual and true in all these theories? The authors of the mythical gods theory hold that the 10 commandments are a plagiarism to the Book of the ...

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The mythical Gods II

The authors argue that Attis, the Phyrigia, born of the virgin Nana on December 25. Was crucified, placed in a tomb, resurrected three days later. However, Attis was not a man, she ...

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The mythical Gods

In this article we will try to demystify and give a perspective as broad as possible to some “truths” announced in many forums and specifically by the movement named New Age. Those ...

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