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Game of Thrones – Curiosities of Season 4

Game of Thrones (season 4)

And here we have some more curiosities from this fantastic series in its fourth season! (see curiosities of season 3)

And let’s start with:

Joffrey’s death

Game of ThronesVery well… Finally! It was already time to see ourselves free from this animal. I confess that I loved this scene, not only for being so well characterized, but to finally see this brain sick to kick the bucket.

Now, the curious thing is to try to understand how the poison ended up in the wineglass… Let’s see, it falls to the ground, rolls for under the table, Sansa pick it up and delivers it to Tyrion. He then fills it up again and offers it back to Joffrey.

Meantime, the mysterious Sansa’s necklace… As it seems, the false “gems” had poison inside, but then they would have to be broken for the poison to flow into the cup. The fact is we can’t see that happening and we can’t see any gem falling into the cup too… So it could be “accidentally” swallowed when Joffrey was drinking the wine. The only possibility is that someone would have already put some drops of poison into the cup, before the meal… But in that case, shouldn’t the retarded have died earlier? Curios… And mysterious… No doubt!

Cersei and Jaime having sex in the wake of their son

Game of ThronesVery well… The kid dies and Jaime, his father (we know that the kid was born of incest from these two brothers, perhaps the reason he was so mentally retarded) decides to make sex with his sister, and Joffrey’s mother. What a great respect for the kid!

The curious thing is not just the scene itself, which generated a lot of controversy, but why the hell the  producers decided to add this macabre scene that  is not even present in the books of George R. R. Martin… So it seems they added this macabre scene to give a darker image to Jaime. Well, if that really was the goal, congratulations! No doubt they made it!

Daenerys with catapults!

Game of ThronesWhat a fantastic scenario! A lot of catapults throwing barrels full of slave collars… Very good! But where did those guys managed to get so much catapults? Once again, in the previous episodes, we could see this men marching all the way to Meereen but we never spotted such an arsenal with them. If it was not already a long and hard path, having to carry all those catapults would be even harder.

And once again I wonder if there was any war arsenal shop nearby. That’s a good question… But I don’t believe so…

But there they were, all those catapults as they had fallen from the sky… Very curious indeed…

Wildlings’ attack

Game of ThronesWell, we can apply here the Portuguese saying “they are more than mothers”!

The wildlings attacked Castle Black in full strength. They are by the thousands and coming from both sides: North gate and South gate, which seems to be the weaker gate and from which many of them entered… But, even so, and here comes another scene I find curious, is that there were few of them invading the castle. With so many men, giants and so, the charge appears to have been far short of what might have been if all of them went forward and striked hard.

But no, it seems they just “tested the defence capacities” of the Night Watchers, but with the cost of many lives of the wildlings… Wouldn’t have been more effective and decisive if they have gone to the end? Oh… I see… But then the story of the heroes in black would have come to an end…

The death of Tywin Lannister in the toilet

Game of ThronesWell… This is what we can call a shitty death! Our dwarf friend, Tyrion Lannister, kills his father with two arrows in his chest while the poor guy was shitting. Not even in the privacy of a toilet a man can be safe!

I introduced this scene, not exactly by being a curiosity, but by being a very grotesque scene.

We all know the reason that made Tyrion to revolt and reach this drastic behaviour. After all, we know that Tywin has always despised his son and sentenced him to death for a crime he didn’t commit. But… killing the man while he was shitting?

But now, a curiosity… Does this scene has something to do with the one we watched Tywin’s horse shitting by the entrance of the throne’s chamber, also in the last episode of the last season?

And it is all by now… Once again, if you have any curiosity about this forth season that you want to share with us, do not hesitate to write it down below in the comments!

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