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Game of Thrones – The return of Jon Snow!

Another episode, another article with some analysis. And an alert of “Spoilers“, specially regarding Jon Snow!

So, the last minutes of this episode are the ones that made many fans of Jon Snow to clap enthusiastically. Even after Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, has denied he was coming back this season for several times, and after a brief moment of suspense, when Melisandre exits the room, thinking her effort to bring him back has failed, finally Jon Snow opens his eyes and gasps for air.

From the polls made in the article “Game of Thrones season 6 – Predictions and polls“, the readers who voted that Melisandre would bring Jon Snow back from the dead (around 60%) were right! She did!

Now, let’s go for some brief analysis from the beginning.

Game of Thrones - Bran StarkWe got the return of Bran Stark with a vision. Followed by his tutor, the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran sees, in the past, his father Ned, his uncle Benjen and his aunt Lyanna when they were kids. For the Tower of Joy flashback, we still have to wait to see if the R+L=J theory is correct.

And… surprise! So it seems Hodor, or should I say Wylis, was able to speak when he was a boy? Already big and strong, because of having giant blood, the “little” Hodor spoke. What happened to this giant to have lost the capability of speaking and starting to say just “Hodor”? Will we see him speaking again? What do you think about this? Leave your comments below! 🙂

Meantime, in Castle Black, Sir Davos and some other fellows, loyal to Jon, were still locked inside the room with the “yet dead body” of Jon Snow, when the Wildling, followed by Eddison, assault Castle Black.

Game of Thrones - Sir Alliser Thome

Sir Alliser Thome is put in the cells, together with the bad guys that stabbed Jon Snow. Well done!

As for Jon Snow, the suspense is not over yet. Turmond sees his body and says his men will gather some wood to burn the bodies (Jon’s and the bodies of others who died fighting the Wildlings)…

Game of Thrones - MyrcellaIn King’s Landing, the body of Myrcella is being mourning. The young king Tommen, fearing for his mother, doesn’t let her left the keep. Jaime tells him to seek her mother while the High Sparrow enters the temple. We watched the first confront between Jaime and the High Sparrow but soon Jaime understands that if he tries to strike the “Mr. Sparrow”, he is surrounded by members of the fanatic religious group.

But I think that those guys should be careful… There’s a brute guy around, like Frankenstein, and some more soldiers able to kill them easily.

Game of Thrones - Tyrion e os dragõesA drunk guy can do a lot of stupid things, but to face two big chained dragons, only our little dwarf friend, Tyrion Lannister, would do. Or should we call him Tyrion Targaryen instead? From the many theories we find on the web, there is one I found interesting and is about this dwarf. According to that theory, the Mad King was in love with Tyrion’s mother and used to send Tywin Lannister in some missions so he could be with her. From one of those encounters, she should have become pregnant of Tyrion.

What intrigues me on this scene with the dragons, is how he approaches the dragons telling them a story when he was a kid, that he wished to have a dragon. And now, there they were… Could this means that the theory could be right and we will see him mounting a dragon? Leave your comments and thoughts.

Meanwhile, the little Arya seems to keep her training and returns back to the house of black and white with the mystirious Jaqen H’ghar. By now, the about 67% of the readers seem to be correct when, in the polls, voted in the option that Arya will keep her training and recover her vision.

Game of Thrones - Ramsay BoltonThat Ramsay Bolton is a crazy psychopath, we all already knew, but to the point to kill his own father just to defend his position as “Lord Bolton”, and cast his dogs to his mother-in-law and his baby brother… well… Ok… Some more characters that HBO kills! 🙂

Well, yes, by now it’s still HBO since we don’t know what George RR Martin keeps in high secrecy on his yet to be published book.

But let’s see what will be the fate of this retarded. For now, by the moment of these scenes, Jon is still dead and he doesn’t even know that… However…

As for the fate of Sansa and Theon, it seems that he wants to return home. So, the polls and predictions for these two may have here a different ending we didn’t count for. But we will keep seeing to where Sansa will go. As for Theon, he will face his father’s death and the returning of his uncle, Euron Greyjoy. And yes, another dead character, now on the Iron Islands. We are still in the second episode and we already have some characters that kicked the bucket. If we keep this pace, will HBO left some survivors by the end of this season? 🙂

Game of Thrones - Jon Snow ressuscitaAnd finally, the scene so many were anxious for. Although with here faith broken, Melisandre accepts the miracle Sir Daves requests her. It’s known that the priests that follow the Lord of Light are able to bring the death back to live, but Melisandre never tried it before.

However, while she was praying, she seems she’s not convinced she can do it and, after some time without being “successful”, she exits the room after Turmond. Eddison and Davos exit the room as well.

But to contradict the HBO’s slaughter, Jon Snow, alone in the room, opens his eyes and gasps for air….

Nevertheless, it seems Jon Snow didn’t like that Melisandre touched his hair, according to “his tweet”:

Game of Thrones - Jon Snow tweet

Now, will Jon break his oath and fight against the retarded of Ramsay Bolton? What do you thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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