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“New Horizons”: To the discovery of Pluto

The space probe New Horizons is almost reaching the nearest distance from Pluto in its fantastic journey. It will be by July 14. Or, for the reader that read this post after ...

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What are the most indebted countries in the world

When we talk about the economy, what matters most is after all the wealth that a country can generate and what it spends or should spend. On this last point, the problems ...

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Greece: The villain, the guilty and the innocent

In recent times, we have witnessed many explanations of what is happening in Greece. Most, argues that Greece is at the mercy of ruthless lenders and subject to extremely high interest rates. ...

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The Syriza, the bandits of Europe, the euro and Greece

When the Syriza came to power, the public debt had reached about 177% of GDP in Greece. The Syriza argues that it can not disappoint their voters. Strange argument! But after all, ...

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Greece and the Euro

I admire the great courage that Greece has to threaten the forces of the dark side of the force coming from Europe, but then what will be the price of such bold courage? ...

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Germany should exit the Euro

I must say I really like Greece. I thank the Odyssey and the Iliad, philosophers, democracy, the Olympic Games, Sparta and Greek yogurt. But I did not like when they have taken ...

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