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Polar shift

A Inversão PolarAnd if the Earth went through a process of a polar shift or a geomagnetic reversal?
In the uncountable theories about the end of times, one of the most interesting is the one about the collapse of the Earth’s electromagnetic field by a geomagnetic reversal and a polar shift.
First of all, we should take into account that they are different phenomena.
In a simple way, the geomagnetic reversal is a shift of the Earth’s magnetic field, which happens when the magnetic north pole shifts to the magnetic south pole and vice-versa.
On its turn, a polar shift is a physical shift of the geographic poles, but such an event as such an extreme cause that we can only quantify it in a cosmological scale. For such thing to happen, Earth would have to be hit by a giant celestial body, causing the planet to dramatically change its rotation and its axis.
Unfortunately, the defenders of such “end of times” theory confound these two concepts, therefore I call your attention for this huge difference.
Life on Earth and its dynamic, results from a complex balance. Sometimes, this balance can be put into question in such situations as the inversion of the magnetic poles, that happens due to the internal dynamics of the planet. Meantime, what causes this inversion is not yet completely known.
Unlike what is speculated, the geomagnetic reversal doesn’t happen in just one day. It is a long process of about 5,000 years and there’s no natural disasters associated with it. Regarding the magnetic field, it won’t be affected by this reversal.
We need to be more objective regarding these things of science and to avoid entering in occult ways, because science doesn’t have anything to do with occultism, indians predictions, the fly of swallows or inscriptions on rocks.
mangetic_pole_inversionOur planet Earth went through several processes since its formation, with natural disasters and even many cycles where we can include the geomagnetic reversal. But this reversal is random and not predictable, as many people say. The last reversal happened about 780,000 years ago and it was known as the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal. This reversal didn’t cause any kind of a large scale extinction.

These magnetic reversals have happened fairly irregular in the last 160 million years. The largest known period of stability, between magnetic reversals, lasted for about 40 million years and the shorter lasted only some thousand years.
Some theories suggest that the process is related with solar cycles, but the truth is that there is any scientific study that can confirm that. In fact, we can’t say we expect a magnetic reversal once we can’t predict when it will happen again.
So, how the planet was about 750,000 years ago, with its magnetic poles in a different position? Well, in fact, it was nothing special. We just would see a magnetic compass pointing to the South instead of the North.

 A Inversão PolarOn our planet, changes caused by a geomagnetic reversal or by changes in Earth’s axis are completely normal things and usually very insignificant. Although we are currently watching a weakening of the force of the magnetic field, the actual intensity of the magnetic field is being considered above the average when comparing with the variations measured in recent history. It is likely that the field’s intensity will simply increase, since the field itself is oscillating.
Changes in the Earth’s axis caused, for example, by earthquakes of high magnitude, as the ones that happened in Japan in 2004 or in Chile in 2010, had only caused a minor change in the Earth’s rotation axis, causing the days to become shorter. But we are talking about variations of just 7 to 8 cm (3.75 to 3.16 in) and its effect in the duration of the days of just a few millionths of a second, causing no damages on Earth and on mankind.
The positions of the magnetic poles are not static and have gone through some minor variations since their discovery. The most recent measurements confirm that the north pole has been moving since these measurements exist and that it may be positioned in Siberia in the next decades.
So, what I’m trying to say is that we are not assisting to the end of times or mankind. These events are things that happen since millions of years ago. We always had earthquakes and geomagnetic reversals and that was what made the poles to be where they are today and the days to have 24h. There was a time when days were shorter and it’s very possible that they will be longer in the future. Besides, the effect of such reversals have been greatly exaggerated. If by chance we watch in our lifetime to a geomagnetic reversal, it’s very unlikely that it would mean the end of times. Our ancestors have already assisted to the phenomena at 780,000 years ago and the event did not extinguished them

Keep an open mind, but don’t believe in everything.


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