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What are the most indebted countries in the world

When we talk about the economy, what matters most is after all the wealth that a country can generate and what it spends or should spend. On this last point, the problems start because the largest economies in the world seem to walk a bit confusing, though they do not seem to be minimally concerned with the numbers.
You may ask how this is possible. Why these countries are not concerned about the numbers?
The reason actually has both original as simplicity. They are not concerned simply because they do not have to pay these debts.
In fact, little can be done to a country that does not pay its foreign debt and these countries always have ways of “making” money, even if it is not for the simple fact to be the citizens to pay.
But the main reason is that those countries with the highest debts are also the richest and capable of generating wealth and system reliability. Well, that until a day! But this text does not address these boring things that one day will happen, now we’ll see the curiosities.

The most indebted countries in the world:

  11th Ireland –US$ 2,145,899


The surprising Ireland, deserves a place of honor in this list simply because I like the Irish.

10th Spain – US$ 2,229,90


Spain for those who do not know is a major economic power and deserves a place of honor in this list. Country full of contrasts and a Nation and several people, is the Latin country par excellence with its qualities, setbacks and ….. well, specificities. Spain lives some difficult times, affected by a crisis by their own fault and by a shameful attack on international markets. The purpose of crisis, was dubbed a monkey of 300 kg over a tree and it fell, it would be a bit boring, so the European elite decided to treat the Spanish crisis in a special way.

9th Netherlands – US$ 2,407,429


The famous country of tulips and windmills. Despite the fact that the Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in the world, does not seem to get rid of debt obligations, which currently constitute a blatant 344% of GDP.

8th Italy – US$ 2,421,685


Like Spain, Italy is a country full of paradigms, ie, it is a Latin country. For Italians, nothing is enough and despite eating a lot of pasta, the other “pasta” seems that is not enough.

7th Luxembourg – US$ 2,698,726


The most surprising of this list. Luxembourg is a small nation, but do not be surprised that much. The Luxembourg financial sector is huge, making it a net creditor.

6th Japan – US$ 2,826,649


One of my favorite countries. Completely destroyed at 70 years ago and often affected by all types of natural disasters. Very fond of rice and weird contests on TV, they came from a rural economy and a feudal society to the level of the richest countries in the world. Do not be impressed by its huge debt, because it only represents about 60% of its GDP.

5th China- US$ 3, 000, 000


The controversial China looks set to dominate. With an enviable economic progress, or not so much, it emerges as one of the main world economies. Do not be impressed by its negligible debt, rather insignificant since it represents less than 30% of its gigantic GDP.

4th France – US$ 5,303,543


The inescapable France. When you think in Europe, you must always think in France, even in its debt that has exceeded its GDP.

3rd Germany – US$ 5,539,282


Few like Germany. Very badly understood by all and understands very little of those that surround it. Plus, she looks like a child with their tantrums. But Germany is not only an advanced economy, it has the most advanced economy in Europe. It is not only technologically advanced, it is the most technologically advanced in Europe. They say they want to impose their will on the rest of Europe. Despite having the 5th largest GDP in the world, its debt has surpassed this by more than 50%.

2nd United Kingdom – US$ 9,307,090

reino unido

In this country everything is always in order, because they think themselves a special and different people of all. They are actually of the few countries that when things are not right or does not suit them, they simply change the game rules. It appears in place of honor in this list because their external debt is 400% of its GDP.

1st United States of América – US$ 15,940,978


The star of my list. Inevitable country for good and for evil, is a leader in world politics and it is also the greatest military power in history and probably the most culturally. The world’s largest economy, its debt has exceeded 100% of GDP. But form part of that little lot of countries that can simply change the game.

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