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UFOs above Loch Ness

UFOs above Loch Ness

Picture of UFOs above Loch Ness. Source: Artigo no Weird News

If it was not enough having already our friend, the monster of Loch Ness, with the fluffy nickname “Nessie, it seems we now have extraterrestrials to stroll around by this mysterious lake. Apparently, a guy called Alan Betts was spending a holiday in Scotland, accompanied by his wife, when he took this mysterious picture. He said it was a shock … I believe! Capture on camera a couple of UFOs above the lake rather than capture our friend Nessie, must have been a huge shock!

Honestly, when I read this article on Weird News, I began to believe that the guy had really caught something in the picture. I do not say they were really UFOs, because we know that nowadays there are many pranksters making fantastic changes in drones to make them seem something from another world.

But when I read a claim from his wife – Anna Betts – regarding the picture, where she says:

But people definitely know that it was never Photoshopped or faked. […] Some think the reason we didn’t see them is that they were flying into the lake at a very high speed, invisible to a human eye, but somehow the camera caught it.

Oh! Yes… Of course! In stating this, for me it was really Photoshopped and a fake. Moreover, the UFOs flew at high speed, invisible to a human eye, but the super machine caught them up and without being distorted or something similar. And how did people know they flew at high speed, if they did not see them? Curious Very curious!

I like photography, I’m only just an amateur, but from what I know, for the machine could register objects with such clarity, it should be in an very high-speed shooting mode. And, in that case, for the rest of the landscape that is in the picture, to be with the brightness we see there, it could only be possible if the aperture was practically at most. But normally, such methods are only used to take pictures such as “instant”, for example when we want to catch the water splashes of a finished wave reaching the shore, as I have done already.

UFOs above Loch NessBut to end with, I would like to play for speculations!

To myself, one of two things: Or aliens came also investigate the mysterious Loch Ness in search of the legendary Nessie, or the lad is also an alien and they came to visit their friend or family member!

Awesome! It should be that! Our friend Nessie is an alien! Finally, the mystery of the Loch Ness monster has been solved!

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