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We are back!

Dear followers of the multi-thematic blog Out4Mind.

After a long period we’ve been away, not just because to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, but also from some personal reasons, we are happy to announce you that we are back!

Even away, we’ve been looking at the comments you left on some of our posts and we are preparing new updates on some posts and, of course, creating new ones!

We’d like to thank to all of you that have been following our blog and kindly ask you to use this post to leave your comments with suggestions and requests of subjects of your interest.

We also take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy New Year of 2022.

With our best regards, we are out4mind:

Carlos Santos
João Fernandes


About Carlos Santos

Frequency of master studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Freelancer developer (also works remotely): Websites, Web Applications (JAVA and PHP), J2SE/J2EE, C/C++ and Android. Private instructor and professional trainer in computer science and electrical engineering. Teaches in classrooms and remotely using Skype and Team Viewer. Interests: Music, audio, video, science, astronomy and mythology.

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