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Game of Thrones, season 6, episode 1

And finally the so desired moment has arrived for so many anxious fans! Finally the first episode for season 6 has kicked out!

Warning! For those who didn’t see this episode yet, this article contains spoilers!

Through these new posts for this new season, we’ll be analysing the episodes and confronting some scenes with the predictions and polls from “Game of Thrones season 6 – Predictions and polls“.

Game of Thrones - Jon SnowAbout the fate of Jon Snow, the question if he will be resurrected or not remains to be unveil. On this episode we saw his body being carried by his companions and nothing more special. We also noticed the sad expression of Melisandre and how she remembered to see him fighting in Winterfell on her visions in the flames. Maybe many viewers thought “It will be now! She will resurrect him!”… But no, instead we saw her totally heart broken. We will return to her later. We also didn’t see Jon Snow “warging” into his dire wolf Ghost, although the animal was seen around his body.

So, regarding the poll about the fate of Jon Snow we still have no answer. About 60% of the readers believe that he will be resurrected by Melisandre and around 22% believe that he will “warg” into Ghost. Can we even see both things happening?

And about Jon Snow parentage, we’ll have to wait since the scene of the fight in the Tower of Joy is still to come.

As for Stannis, I think it’s unanimous that about 76% of readers were right, since he was really killed. We even heard Roose Bolton saying that he liked to know the “man” who killed Stannis to reward him. What he doesn’t know is that it was a woman that killed Stannis and probably she would like to see him dead too.

Game of Thrones - Theon e SansaIt was not hard to foreseen that Theon and Sansa would survive the fall, as about 95% of the readers voted. The big question is the division of opinion regarding to where these two fugitives will go. About 35% of the readers is of the opinion that they will go after Sansa’s brothers and close to 60% that they will head to Castle Black. For now, we know that finally Brienne found Sansa and saved her from the Bolton’s soldiers, and made a vow to protect Sansa.

For this season, I promised myself I would not write any articles regarding “curiosities”, but I doubt that I will not fall into temptation and write some of my “silly” comments. And having that said, here is the first curiosity! Indeed, what I find rather curious is how these two, after suffering a fall of such an altitute, even falling on the snow, can still have strength in their legs to run… Hum…

Game of Thrones - Cersei LannisterAfter the humiliation in the “walk of shame”, it seems that things are getting harder for Cersei Lannister. After receiving the news that a boat is returning from Dorne, she smiles as she believes she will be again with her daughter Myrcella. But when she saw the boat approaching, she realizes that her daughter is dead.

We surely will see Cersei more and more thirsty for revenge. Together again, let’s see how Cersei and Jaime will handle all these issues. For sure, the first actions we will see will be violent confronts with the High Sparrow and his followers.

And talking about revenge, it seems that things in Dorne are getting hotter. Suddenly, Ellaria Sand appears with Doren Martell and kills him. And as if that were not enough, two of her “Sand” girls end up with the poor Trystane Martell. We already know how the writers from HBO love to kill characters, but in the first episode having these two deaths in a row… o.O

Game of Thrones - Trystane MartellAnd I can’t resist to one more curiosity, but I believe the reader will totally agree with me! Let’s see, in the end of the 5th season, Trystane departed from Dorne on a boat with Jaime Lanniester and his beloved Myrcella while the “Sands” were watching them leaving from the shore. Now, it seems that Trystane did not return to Dorne, we even saw him painting one of those eyes that guys use to put in the dead and that they were for Myrcella for sure. But then we see the two “Sand” girls, Obara and Nymeria, appearing from nowhere to kill him. How did they get there? Did they sail to King’s Landing as well?

Game of Thrones - Daenerys TargaryenReturning to the analysis of the predictions, while Daario and Jorah are looking for Daenerys, she is being taken to Khal Moro by the Dothraki as a prisoner, as about 28% of the readers predicted. After revealing who she is, Khal Moro promises her that no one would heart her. Now, about having them letting her go and return to Meereen, as 30% of the readers voted, it seems it won’t be easy at all.

Indeed, we saw her asking them to escort her back to Meereen but the truth is that, between the Dothraki, a widow Khaleesi shall go to Vaes Dothrak, the temple of the Dosh Khaleen, to live the rest of her life with other Khal widows. Therefore, they won’t let her return back to Meereen. It remains the options of having her rescued by Daario and Jorah or by her dragon Drogo.

Game of Thrones - Arya StarkMeantime, the little Arya Stark… It’s still early to get some conclusions about the predictions and polls. By now, we found her still blind and begging for money. But the terrible Waif is still around her and forced Arya to fight against her. Blind, Arya had no chances, but maybe this is the way she needs to keep her training to become a no one, as many fans believe.

Let’s see what the next episodes will bring.

Returning to the starting point of this article, a moment of humor. Faced with the “promises” of Sir Alliser that he would let Sir Davos to leave Castle Black and head south, Sir Davos asks for a mutton. The “What?” from Sir Alliser must have had an echo from many viewers! But anyway, it seems Sir Davos is not a good hunter and he doesn’t want to starve during his “journey”.

Game of Thrones - MelisandreAnd as any good episode, it ends in suspense until the next episode. Faced with so many disappointments, it seems that Melisandre is losing her faith and she is giving up her role as “red priestess”. Taking away her necklace, she transfigured and transformed into an old woman. Naked, she lies down on the bed as if she was lying on her deathbed.

But we know that she will come back as a red priestess as we saw in the trailer. Will we see a Melisandre with a stronger faith and able to resurrect Jon Snow as many fans theorize?

Write down your comments and analysis below! And follow us in the social networks to keep tuned for the next episode.

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