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Hercolubus, Nibiru, Planet X and Nemesis

 It has been speculated on the internet and even in some scientific circles about the possibility of the existence of a celestial body, hard to be classified since it is difficult to detect, as it reflects little light. However, it might still belongs to our solar system, somewhere beyond Pluto. This celestial body is still not determined, it is called Nibiru, Planet X, Hercolubus or Nemesis. This body will have an orbit similar to that of a Comet, approaching the Sun with a very low frequency. But whenever it does, when approaching Earth, it might cause catastrophic events such as the catastrophe that ruined the Atlantean civilization about 12 thousand years ago and it also shall be responsible for the future destruction of our civilization, since it is a cyclical event.

Hercolubus, Nibiru, Planet X and Nemesis

V838 Mon, a star with an echo of light expanding, presumably as photographic evidence of Nibiru

Planet X

When Neptune was discovered, based on observation of the orbital perturbations of Uranus, some astronomers have spotted the same irregularities in its orbit and proposed that the same were caused by another planet that was nearby. To this hypothetical planet was given the name of Planet X, in which case, X is the letter x (unknown in mathematics) and not the Roman numeral 10 (X). Although that number would become a coincidence, since the Planet X would be effectively the 10th planet. It was precisely the search for Planet X that caused the discovery of Pluto in 1930, which was later “demoted” from the category Planet and Planet X, since its mass was not sufficient to explain the irregularities recorded in the orbit of Neptune.

With the passing of time and with the increasing advancements in the field of observation, several celestial bodies known as planetoids or minor planets were discovered: Haumea, Makemake, Eris (with a mass greater than that of Pluto) and also Sedna, a body of about 1000 km diameter, mainly composed of a mixture of ice water, nitrogen and methane and having an orbit of about 11 400 years. There is no way to explain its orbit as it is not close enough to be affected by the sun, amd far enough to be affected by other stars too. In short, it is not known what keeps Sedna in the Solar System. In addition, most of the comets coming to inner solar system (for “inside” of the Earth’s orbit) seems to come from the same region of the Oort Cloud.

For most astronomers, the possibility of Planet X was fully rejected when the missions of Voyager and Pioneer probes allowed recalculate the masses of gas giants and did not detect any unexpected strong gravitational pull beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Hercolubus, Nibiru, Planet X and Nemesis - Voyager 2

Voyager 2

Planet Hercolubus

Hercolubus is very well known among occultists, Gnostic and esoteric groups, it will be a supposed planet, described by the author Joaquín Amortegui Valbuena (known by his pen name VM Rabolú), responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. Rabolu claims that Hercolubus will approach the Earth again and that the only way of humanity to be saved from cataclysm would be the elimination of the psychological defects and the conscious astral projection.

Various writings say Hercolubus was sighted by observers during astral travel conscious and the Sumerian cosmology refers to a star of similar proportions, named Marduk that would have brought from the sky the gods who created civilization.

Hercolubus won some notoriety with Samael, who fed the Gnostic movement in the 1950s and was the author of about 70 books and founder of Current Studies Center of Self-Knowledge. He used to say that his books were based on his experiences which were obtained mainly for trips to the “astral world”.

Hercolubus, Nibiru, Planet X and Nemesis - Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor

From what we know, Hercolubus does not exist from the astronomical point of view. Nor is there the solar system of which it is said that it came from: Tilo. Hercolubus is a mystic or science fiction theme, as a planet 6 times larger than Jupiter would have a diameter of approximately 500,000 kilometers, slightly smaller in size than half of the sun. A planet so enormous it would be visible even with the simplest of telescopes, but not even the most sophisticated observatories have detected it.


Nibiru (also translated as Neberu or Nebiru) is a term in Akkadian which means “crossing” or “point of transition”, usually related to rivers. In Babylonian astronomy, Nibiru (DNE-bé-ru or Ni-bu-rum) is a term from the highest point of the elliptical, ie, the point of the summer solstice and its related constellation. The Nibiru Point property is described in table V of the epic Enuma Elish and associated with the God Marduk (the Babylonian city protector), and is generally believed that it was the planet Jupiter.

Nibiru is also the name of a hypothetical planet proposed by Zecharia Sitchin, who knows nothing about science, based on the idea that ancient civilizations had made contact with extraterrestrials, decided to say that there is a giant planet that passes through the Earth periodically and brings a race of extraterrestrials called the Annunaki.

To Zecharia Sitchin, during the formation of the solar system Nibiru was attracted by the sun and collided with another planet already aligned called Tiamat, which broke in half giving rise to Earth and the Asteroid Belt, in an event that became known as the Celestial Battle.

Easily I recognize in Zecharia Sitchin one of two things: He believes in what he thinks and therefore it should be considered a special case or he does not believe but decides to make others to believe in his lies he was announcing and thus profit from deceiving others.

For Sitchin, with its deep astronomical knowledge, this huge planetary mass, would come from the outer solar system exclusively toward Earth, solely for the purpose to transport the Anunnaki to Earth, making the giant planet to be just a way of transportation, since the extremely advanced annunaki did not have any spacecraft and they would have to wait a long thousands of years to return. Howeber it is still yet to explain how such a giant planet on its way to Earth, would not influence the other system planets, which could trigger changes in either their orbits and the position of planets such as Saturn and Jupiter as well.

As if this history was not enough, it was reinforced by Nancy Lieder who claimed she received telepathic communications Zeta Reticuli, and its people told him that Nibiru will collide with Earth.

She became famous for saying that aliens had told her that the comet Hale-Bopp and later the comet Elenin, were planets that would wreak havoc on Earth. But obviously it was proved that they were in fact comets and, of course, nothing happened.

Many believers in these faiths believe them and follow them, not trying to verify the sources and as little to look for some scientific truth, such as understanding that Nibiru was actually the name of a planet to the Sumerians, but they were referring to Jupiter and not any extra planet in the solar system.

The Nemesis or the Sun’s sister

There is another theory that I consider the most interesting of all, although it is a hypothetical theory in the field of astronomy. Estimations show that for each 3 stars of the Milky Way one has a companion, which would cause our solar system to be a binary star system, it is an unlikely theory by the absence of a gravitational field to denounce the existence of Nemesis, thus being just a hypothesis.

This theory was postulated in the 1980s and supports the existence of a body with 3 to 5 times of the mass of Jupiter and with an orbit of 26 million years around the sun. It is a red or brown dwarf star that was given the name of Nemesis and when it passes through the Oort Cloud, it throws thousands of asteroids and comets everywhere, many of whom eventually would reach Earth thus causing major extinctions of life on the planet, such as the KT extinction that occurred 65 millions of years ago.

Hercolubus, Nibiru, Planet X and Nemesis - Impact of an asteroid

Impact of an asteroid. Source: NASA.

This object would be virtually undetectable in the visible, but very bright in the infrared. It is a very small object, very far away and it would be very slow, which easily goes unnoticed in the observations.
But let’s suppose there really is a brown dwarf – that failed star – than it would be easily detected by infrared. The more distracted assume that we can only see the objects in the sky through visible light, but the truth is that we can see objects in different ways, at different wavelengths. And in the case of brown dwarfs, they are detectable in infrared radiation, so to imagine that there is a brown dwarf in the solar system is a nonsense from those who do not even know the most basic of electromagnetic radiation.

In conclusion, believers in these theories, consider that their belief is the one that is right and they are in possession of the knowledge that will save the world. They consider that we are in a threatened world and all mankind is the victim of a fraud, a deception from the entire scientific community, including amateur astronomers that for centuries and centuries have made a contribution to the discoveries and knowledge. They consider their lack of knowledge to be more valuable than the knowledge of others, even if their knowledge is made based on internet forums and by reading dubious scientists or writers without any kind of reputation or reasoning or that simply obtained that knowledge through contacts with extraterrestrials or telepathic communication.

We should look only at the facts, despite these theories seem to be very interesting. In this forum, we seek not to follow beliefs and to not believe in blatant lies without any historical or scientific basis. We use critical thinking, scientific, rational instead of using the pseudoastronomia or pseudoscience. Thousands of scientists, astronomers study these issues and give suggestions and scientific explanations based on deep analysis and study. From across the field, we have conspiracy theories of writers who know nothing of the subject, do not observe, do not experience. Who is right? I do not think it’s hard to choose.

Thank you for your open mind!

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