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Linux Wallpapers – My “Top 20”

Linux wallpapers! Being an unconditional fan of Linux, I post here my “Top 20” favourite wallpapers. It’s never easy to choose favourite wallpapers with so many of them out there, and it was not easy to choose the order to place them, from the favourite to the “most” favourite.

You can also watch these wallpapers in the following YouTube video:

If you like Linux and if you have an Android device, try my game “WindSweeper”. Based on the old MineSweeper, on this version you will have “winds” instead of mines… So, if you open a cell with a “wind”, instead of an explosion, you’ll see the Windows’ logo and then a blue screen with a funny message! 🙂

The game is still on a BETA version but more updates are under work! Watch the demo video and find the link to Google Play on the video description. (Or just search on your device, on Google Play Store, for WindSweeper).

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