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Game of Thrones – Curiosities of Season 3

Game of Thrones (Season 3)

Let’s bring some more curiosities of this fantastic series (see curiosities of season 2), let’s see season 3!

The encampment of the wildlings

game of thrones

The first episode starts with the huge encampment of the wildlings and, once again, I scratch my head with an overflowing curiosity! So many people! And once again in such a frozen land… How do they survive there and what kind of hunt they can get to feed all that crowd? Well, but that’s fine, it seems they may have tens of hunters scattered around!

But the worst is that there are some bad guys around too, but it doesn’t matter. Those folks seem to be tough enough to fight the dead walkers

The white horse of Daenerys Targaryen

But… another white horse? And so much alike the white horse, offered by her deceased husband Drogo, who died? Okay, horses can be similar, but finding another white horse for Daenerys Targaryen it’s a funny curiosity. Specially one that is so alike the other! That’s a fantastic coincidence, no doubt!

game of thrones

Daenerys Targaryen and her mob

game of thrones

And another interesting surviving question… Daenerys Targaryen has 8000 soldiers and a huge amount of released slaves following her. They travel great distances for many days.  And, once again, how do they feed all that mob? Did they eat just herbs, fruits and drank water? What kind of hunt do they would have nearby? Ah… But there is water! Did they bring some fishing poles with them?

It’s curious… Slaves and soldiers that went through starvation, how did they manage to have so many stamina to travel such great distances? Without any doubts, really those were people with great vigour!

And once again Daenerys Targaryen… Now with an outstanding encampment!

game of thrones game of thrones game of thrones game of thrones

What a great encampment! Fantastic! With all those people… but no, I’m not going to talk about food again. What is curious, in this episode 7, is when Daenerys is by the doors of Yunkai (the Yellow City) , and we watch the outstanding encampment they built. Especially the “majestic” tent of hers, with a couch, pillows, chairs… Ah! And a silver jar and a silver cup with wine for her guest of honour! But where did they get all those things? And how did they carry all those adornments? In previous episodes we watched all that mob travelling on foot with some horses and so… But we didn’t see couches, chairs, etc… Ah! Without any questions, she could have been shopping in some nearby store…

Well, I said I would not speak about food again, but I can’t resist! At the end of episode 10, Daenerys frees another countless mob of slaves. And everyone acclaim her! Without any doubts, a brutal footage with all credits given to HBO. But, once again, what now? We already had thousands of thousands followers, including her soldiers, and now we have more thousands joining her mob.

game of thrones

But the fact is that the number of mouths to feed is growing tall! How do they… Okay! You all know this question…

That was a season with fantastic and curious scenes, specially regarding Daenerys Targaryen and her mob. What a great woman, indeed! She really must get her seat on the iron throne in King’s Landing!

But anyway I still love this super production! I just share here some funny curiosities while watching the episodes!

If you have any curiosity for this season that you want to share with us, please feel free to write it in the comments section below!

 See season 4…

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