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Game of Thrones – Curiosities of Season 2

Game of Thrones (Season 2)

Let’s keep reading some more curiosities from this fantastic series (see curiosities of season 1) and analyse the second season!

More incests and more curiosities in the house of Mr. Craster

game of thrones game of thrones

Ah! Mr. Craster‘s home! Some kind of a mix between the house of the secrets and the house of incests. It’s very curious, it starts with secrets, with mysteries… Is there only daughters? What about his suns? Ok, we will later know that they are offered to the bad guys.

But the most curious thing is that, once more, we face more issues regarding consanguinity. This guy marries his own daughters, father more daughters, and all of them appear to be perfectly healthy.

And again, more wine! It is also curious to check that it seems the man has a lot of wine too. In a frozen and danger area, where almost no one dares to cross by, it seems the guy is well supplied with wine. And regarding the food, where does this guy manages to get so much food to feed his harem? What kind of hunt and vegetables can he get on that icy region? Mystery…

A sword that burns!

game of thrones

We all know what forging a sword is about, putting the iron under very high temperatures to make it melting and then to be shaped. But having a sword in flames… That’s awesome! It seems some kind of magic. Okay, the reader would say: “The guys smear the sword with something flammable”. Right! But that’s cheating, it doesn’t count. Maybe the mystery woman in red might explain it to us… Witchery? Maybe…

So many mysteries in the first episode! Let’s see what else we will have in the next episodes…

Arya: The girl who became a boy

Another curiosity is to try to understand how nobody, in the group where Arya (I mean, Ary) was travelling with, realizes she is a girl and not a boy. Featuring a girl’s face and with a female voice, all of them are tricked (or almost all…). Okay, you change her name from Arya to Ary and we have a complete transformation! Without any doubts, it breaks the record of the fantastic transformers!

game of thrones

These last ones are able to make incredible transformations, but changing their sex by changing their name… Noooooo! That’s what they wanted! But no, they can’t do it… Maybe one day, who knows…

Well, let’s leave these ignorants and let’s keep going…

Melisandre‘s shadow creature

game of thrones

Melisandre, the red priestess of the Lord of the Light. But what kind of lord of the light is this that makes her to give birth a shadow creature? Hum… Well… “The night is dark and full of terrors…“. Being her pregnant of a shadow creature, when we watch her belly, just before giving birth, and when we watch the creature “borning”, two questions are crossing my mind:

1. If it is a creature made of shadows, that even crumbles in smoke, how can it have such steady hands to get a grab on her legs? And does the shadows take so much space in the womb, to the point she have had such a swollen belly? Would it be gases? Did she farted while giving birth?

2. On the other hand, if it is something hybrid, when we watch such a stately creature coming out from her womb, shouldn’t her belly have looked like a hot air balloon before giving birth?

Cut head without brains

There are no doubts regarding how great the special effects on battles are. In the 9th episode there is such a perfect scene of a poor soldier having his top of the head cut off by Stannis Baratheon, that it is possible to see that top flying away and lots of blood jumping out… But… And what about the brain matter? Shouldn’t we have seen brain pieces jumping out too? I don’t mean they would jump like popcorns, but we just can’t see any piece of brain matter.

game of thrones

Well, so I’m wondering to know it these guys had an empty head, or such a small brain that we can’t even see it.

Tywin Lannister entering the throne chamber on horseback

game of thrones

The scene of Tywin Lannister entering the throne chamber on horseback, already is an enormous irony. The great lord, winner of the battle, enters into the throne chamber on horseback. Now, with the horse shitting in the entry of the chamber? Well, I admit the director had here an excellent sense of humour too. But, once again, I keep curious to know if it was the horse that was shitting for its owner and/or shitting for the king…

And so we stay with some funny curiosities about this fantastic series in its second season

Leave your comments below and if you have more curiosities to add, please feel free to add them in the comments section too!

See season 3…

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