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The mythical Gods

In this article we will try to demystify and give a perspective as broad as possible to some “truths” announced in many forums and specifically by the movement named New Age. Those theories support that Jesus was a fictional or mythological figure created by the primitive Christian community. Zeitgeist, a documentary that turned viral on Youtube, supports the same conjectures. Many people believe in the total authenticity of the video, while others strongly criticize it, not by trying to discuss if it contains any true, but to just quickly try to find weapons for discrediting theories that are in disagreement with what is told since our childhood and for what we understand as the Truth. In fact, those who criticized the video found some weapons since the movie splits one theory in very arguable historical, astrological and theological points of view.

According to Zeitgeist, the story of Jesus may have been based in several stories of older gods, especially Horus, the solar gos, son of Osiris and Isis, considered as the manifestation of the power od the Sun, solar manifestation on the material plane, the principle of fire, the “incarnation of the day”. Horus have been born on December 25th of the virgin Isis. His birth was accompanied by a star in the east, followed by 3 kings in search of the newborn savior. At 12, was a prodigy child and at 30 he was baptised by Anup and thus beginning his reign. Traveled with his 12 disciples and performed miracles. Known by various names such as truth, light, good shepherd, the lamb of God. Was betrayed by Typhon, crucified, buried and resurrected three days later.

The mythical Gods - Taharqa offering wine jars to Horus

Taharqa offering wine jars to Horus
Author: Guillaume Blanchard

To start with, there is no similarity with Jesus date of birth, since there are no writings, not even in the Bible itself, that refer that Jesus has born on December 25th, so this statement is completely devoid of any truth. This thesis is dead at birth, but we will develop this reasoning later. Horus have been born in the month of Khoiak, corresponding to October-November in the western calendar. Isis and Osiris were tweens who had sex in the womb of the mother and Horus was born of this union. Therefore, there is no resemblance to Jesus. Horus was not called truth, light, beloved son of god, etc. It was simply dubbed child, son of Isis and Osiris, pillar of his mother, savior of his father and the sun god, lord of the skies. He was never called as “Lamb” as this term refers to the act of sacrifice, and from what is known, the Egyptians did not sacrifice lambs. He did not have a mission, not born servant, because he was a king and born god and he was worshiped as such. For the pre-Christian communities, Jesus was a man (even being an essence of God) whose mission was to teach and preach the Good News.

Addressing the issue of baptism, we easily conclude that once again there was relatively little accuracy to the claim that Horus have been baptised. The date of his birth is so old that prevents the “baptism” as this practice did not exist at that time. Likewise there is no record that Horus had 12 disciples and, having been betrayed by Typhon, was crucified, buried and resurrected after 3 days. What is recorded is that it was Osiris, his father, who was killed by Seth. His body had been cut into pieces and thrown into the Nile. His remains were removed from the water by the crocodile god. Horus avenged his father’s death and in the fight, against his uncle Seth, lost an eye which was replaced by a snake amulet. After recovery, Horus emerged victorious from the fight against Seth.

The movie says that Horus was crucified like Jesus, which is not true because in ancient Egypt there is no reference to the Roman-Carthaginian practice of torture-execution by crucifixion. The crucifixion only arrived in Egypt after being conquered by Alexander, being the cult of Horus much older. Archaeologically, the first documented report of a god to be killed by crucifixion was Jesus Christ.

The mythical Gods - Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, medieval illustration from the Hortus deliciarum of Herrad of Landsberg

But we have to be objective in both analysis and critique. The attributes of Horus, whether original or not, seem to influence various world cultures, and there are many other gods with the same mythological structure. Let’s take for example, the putative error of considering Isis a virgin, as she should have been fertilized in the womb by her twin brother Osiris. The truth is that, supposedly, in her life outside the womb she did not know (in the biblical sense) another man, having come to give birth, years later. There are differences between the two situations, but it seems that the similarities do not make it so silly to think that a story inspired the other. What really matters is that all of them are mere symbolic assertions, because who would believe it possible that Isis could be fertilized by its own twin brother in the womb? However, critics and we dare to say mostly Christians, believe that a married woman had remained a virgin and conceived by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.

We doubt equally to both stories and advise to take both as mythologies, like parables. What is proved by the coincidence between the various mythologies is that they actually derive from each other. Which one is the truth? For the believer, it is the one they taught him and strive to try to preserve by seeking contradictions that could cast doubt on. But if we look for contradictions in the Bible, how many did we not find? For us, it is none, although who knows if all of them do not contain any reason?

What is clear after an unbiased analysis, is that all that is known about the “mythical gods” is through drawings and there is nothing that proves the existence of drawings to represent the idea of ​​virginity of the mother of these gods. How to draw a virgin? So where the information that the mothers of these gods were virgins was withdrawn?

Christian belief supports that Jesus was conceived by the spirit, in a spiritual form, without sex, within a woman. Honestly, we did not find examples of spirits having sex with living people. The scriptures tell us that God became flesh in the person of Jesus. God was reborn as a man through Jesus and died as a man. With mythical gods, none of this happens. We believe that in this aspect and without any doubt, Christianity is unique in that belief.

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