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Crop Circles

Crop Circles is a term used to refer to sets of geometric figures drawn on large cultivated fields. These figures are best observed from a high spot, but we were unable to distinguish when observed at ground level. The phenomenon has been observed in several countries, starting with England in the 1970s. Since then, there have been several explanations involving natural events or extra-terrestrial visitors. Indeed, crop circles are a recurring theme in ufology, being also a frequent subject of films and books.

Crop Circles

Crop circles. Author: Seppo Linnaluoto

Considered real works of art by scholars and experts, it is estimated that about 10,000 of these enigmatic figures have been found throughout the world, especially close to Stonehenge, where the percentage of incidence of these figures reaches 98% of circles ever discovered. The other 2% were found in Australia, USA, France and Canada.

The crop circles are a tangle of geometric shapes of different sizes arranged in an organized manner. In extreme cases, the circles are made up of over 200 perfectly arranged geometric figures, to an extent that goes beyond 300 meters long, however, and although being studied, inclusively by the British government, an enlightening conclusion on how they are made has not yet been found.

The drawings appear to be specific to each year, almost as if there was an order. In 1994, there was a proliferation with figures in the form of scorpions, spiders, spider webs and other insects. In 1995, the patterns seemed to suggest solar systems, girdle of asteroids and other planetary figures. In 1993, there was an incidence of geometric patterns.

Crop Circles - Diessenhofen

Another crop circle in Diessenhofen.
Author: Hansueli Krapf

In these circles, or in the vicinity, they were never found any traces or clues. There are no footprints, tire tracks of vehicles, no sign that the plants within it have been handled by humans. The circles arise simply from nowhere, carrying an inexplicable message that challenges our intelligence and technology. However, it is estimated that about 30% of circles found, are frauds. Several reasons lead people to forge the figures, among them are the desire to appear and appear in the news and especially in an attempt to demoralize the scholars of the phenomenon. There are also those groups of people who fight among themselves to see who makes the most beautiful drawing and closer to reality and to demonstrate their artistic skills.

The more experienced scholars claim that forged circles are easier to be identified as they are made irregularly, without symmetry or the geometric perfection of the true and are still full of traces of who made them and how.

In the months between May and September (when the crops are close to harvest), thousands of students from all over the world often meet in southwest England after new figures, which sometimes come to appear almost is a daily basis.

Importantly, no trace was found in any validated circle, but a certain form of energy unknown or uncatalogued. This form of energy produces a change at the genetic level in plants affected by the phenomenon, as well as their seeds.

The circles are unique in the wheat fields, canoula and barley. The stems of these plants, which typically when bent, they break up in areas where the phenomenon occurs. These come to be bent at about 90 degrees. The bent stems occurs at a point between 20% and 80% of the total height. Sometimes plants situated side by side at harvest, they are bent in opposite directions within the same phenomenon. A characteristic of the phenomenon is that when plants are bent, they can not be straightened with the risk of leaving, continuing his low growth on the floor.

Crop Circles - Ancona, Itália

Inside a crop circle in Ancona, Italy. 
Author: Beta16 (wikicommons)

An interesting fact is that a number of circles have appeared near nuclear power plants, which there is no explanation for the phenomenon. Another aspect is that some people claim to have been affected after they entered into one of these formations. Some scholars prove these stories, who claim to have felt anxiety and agitation when they entered within circles, as well as contrary emotions.

There a concordance among experts in at least one point about the phenomenon: The circles have a non-terrestrial component, that is they are not constructed by humans. This conclusion is supported by the fact that many witnesses have reported the sighting of mystery unidentified lights flying over the crops before the little circles were discovered. In some cases, some light balls were recorded and photographed, though with a low quality.

Anyway, the phenomenon is still in the realm of assumptions.

Thank you for your open mind.

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