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Global warming IV: The climate models and our future

In the previous articles I wrote about this subject, I’ve been exposing some data and facts that make me believe that global warming is true, although there are some groups of individuals ...

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Global warming II: The polar ice caps and the seas

In my previous article, “Global warming I: Is it true or is it a hoax?“, I wrote about the factors that may be causing the increase in average temperatures on the planet ...

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Cape Roca

Cape Roca, “Cabo da Roca” in Portuguese, is the westernmost place in Portugal and in continental Europe. It is located in the county of Sintra in Portugal and within the natural park ...

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Beach of Adraga

Beach of Adraga is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sintra,  in Portugal. Located on the village of Almoçame, this beach is surrounded by rocks giving it a wonderful landscape I ...

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