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Frequency of master studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Freelancer developer (also works remotely): Websites, Web Applications (JAVA and PHP), J2SE/J2EE, C/C++ and Android. Private instructor and professional trainer in computer science and electrical engineering. Teaches in classrooms and remotely using Skype and Team Viewer. Interests: Music, audio, video, science, astronomy and mythology.

Asteroid found with rings

A Brazilian team of scientists unveiled a fantastic discovery on our Solar System on March, 27: An asteroid with rings! On June 3, 2013, this team from the European South’s Observatory (ESO), ...

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The invincible leader of the Lusitanians. During the Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula, in that period also known has Roman Hispania, there were three Roman provinces: Hispania Baetica, Hispania Lusitania (or ...

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Cape Roca

Cape Roca, “Cabo da Roca” in Portuguese, is the westernmost place in Portugal and in continental Europe. It is located in the county of Sintra in Portugal and within the natural park ...

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Beach of Adraga

Beach of Adraga is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sintra,  in Portugal. Located on the village of Almoçame, this beach is surrounded by rocks giving it a wonderful landscape I ...

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